Don’t worry, we’ve been just as eager as you guys have been to get feedback for dates on the 500s so we can start preparing, so it’s with a great relief we can say this is the latest news and more than 95% likely to happen.


Please note that the Isle of Man 500 is still off the calendar for now until we know more about their plan for reopening for sporting events.  However we can with confidence say the following….

Wales 500 – July 31/ Aug 1

KIELDER 500 – Oct 9/10

Both these events will run as they have before, in an ‘Adventure Rally’ format, using our updated GPS tracking system to accommodate a points system based on speed control and navigational accuracy.  So we look forward to welcoming 180 riders per event and making up for what was denied in 2020.


The conversations with Forestry, in England and Wales, haven’t ended there, as we are now discussing potential dates for 2 more BIG events in the summer/autumn…  So it’s looking like all the waiting will be well worth it!  There’ll be much to do behind the scenes before revealing too much just now, but be assured that we will do all we can safely and possibly do to get the club out rallying together again.