The weekend of Feb 11th and 12th saw RallyMoto host a weekend of training and raiding down on Salisbury Plain.

On the Saturday we ran a classroom session and a practise course for those signed up for the training and on the Sunday the full length  roadbook was also offered out as our first ‘Adventure Raid’ of the year.  Riders had the option of running a paper or Digital Roadbook, and it was a fairly even split of preference.

The newcomers took to roadbooking like ducks to water, with their focused mindset seeing them navigate those sneaky ‘tricky triangles’ (most of the time) with great accuracy.  No rally course is complete without at least a few instances of mass confusion!


Conditions on the plains this weekend were about as favourable as they come this time of the year.  The skies were dark and moody but the rain never came, and with very little surprise slippy chalk and not a breath of wind it made for a very crisp but very pleasant riding experience!
And that’s what we want when introducing 20 new riders to the world of roadbooking!  Learning to navigate takes up enough brain power without the added challenge of trying to stay upright.

It’s always a pleasure to reunite with longtime members after a long winter or a period of absence.. Quintin – great to see you again buddy! Simon – glad the healing of your dishwashing injury has progressed well and you were able wind on the throttle with us again!

Well done to all those who came and gave it a go for the first time for getting around the course relatively effortlessly.  Thanks for the good vibes as well.  For a bunch of like minded souls to unwind together around a camp fire after a day of learning and riding is a real buzz, and what it’s all about really!

The next event we have on is a full weekend of training at the same venue on March 4/5.  If you’re not signed up for that then we hope to see you later next month at the Adventure Spec Kielder 500!

3 – 2 – 1 – GOOOO!