New for 2023 is the latest version of the RallyMoto digital roadbook app, packed with loads of new features and a completely new scoring system with instant results!

Riders of the Blazing Saddles Challenge are the first members to try out the new app, with results already pouring in via the automatic scoring system.

We have created the app to closely replicate how a “real” rally is run.  There is waypoint verification built into the app (see the video to see how this works).  The app also has speed zones built in and if you are over speed you get a notification immediately on the screen of the app as you are on the course.

Any extreme danger points indicated by three exclamation marks on the roadbook are also flashed up on the screen as a warning.

You will no longer have to wait for your results as they are now given on the screen of the app as you finish the routes.  Riders will simply need to hit “Submit” to send their results to Rally HQ from within the app to have your results verified for the challenge.