Ever wanted to go rallying abroad?

Join your fellow RallyMoto members this April 19th – 21st as we head south and into the remote mountains of central Portugal for the Tour of Portugal Adventure Rally.

There is no denying that the Tour of Portugal is a highlight event for both members and organisers of RallyMoto.  The beautiful scenery, the rugged remoteness, the delicious food and wine… and then there’s the riding.

The event is set in the region of Pampilhosa, amongst the mountains, villages, river beaches and reservoirs.  It’s an understatement to say that the trails available to ride on here are in abundance.  They are absolutely everywhere, and not only that, we are warmly welcomed there to ride them!

With full support from the region’s Mayor, and the local knowledge from our partner Rui of Portugal Offroad, rider’s are guaranteed access to some of the best trails in the country, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest this is some of the most varied riding in Europe.

Whether you’re a fully kitted up rally racer in the making with years of experience in enduro and a need for speed, or an adventure rider who enjoys a big day on the trails, enjoying the views and exploring new territory, there is something for everyone.  The former would enter in Rally Class, where special stages are timed and the terrain and navigation is challenging, and the latter (and anyone on a big bike) would be better suited to Adventure Class, as the roadbooks are a little shorter, a little simpler, and the terrain is more easy going.


What about logistics?

There are options for how to get you and your bike there.  You can book to have your bike transported there for you on one of our trailers, or you can drive or ride it down yourself.  For the guys on big bikes, we are working on something very special, which means your roadbook adventure could start from the moment you disembark the ferry at Santander…  More on that to come.

What about Navigation Equipment?

Just like RallyMoto events in the UK, The Tour of Portugal is available in digital or paper format, and we will have both electronic and manual units available for hire.


How do I Sign up?

All RallyMoto members are welcome to this event.  If you’re unsure of what class to enter into, drop us a line and tell us your situation, and remember, you can always swap classes during the event if what you’ve chosed doesn’t suit.

Entries close mid February, so don’t delay!  

To sign up for the 2024 Tour of Portugal, click the button below.