Ask and You Shall Receive!

By Very Popular Demand, Rallymoto is excited to bring you a brand new ‘remote’ digital Rally Challenge, this time with warmer undertones!

It has become quite clear that RallyMoto members have a very healthy appetite for roadbooking all year round.  Even the paper purists are willing to swallow the digital format if it means getting out and having a navigational adventure!
The popularity of the Ice Breaker Challenge (the ‘remote’ digital only roadbook event which runs through the winter) says a lot!  If you lot are willing to go riding through sleet, snow and ice for the fun of it then you deserve to enjoy an event that offers a bit more comfort and is hopefully, dryer.

Be the first to enter by receiving and Early Bird Notification – entries open 1st June 2023.

In a nutshell:

  • It will run for 3 months – July, August & September.
  • There will be 6 routes available to ride throughout the UK.
  • Routes are available only in digital format via the RallyMoto App.
  • All you need is an Android device mounted to your handlebars, and you’re ready to roll!
The key to good roadbook navigation is practise practise practise!  Through these ‘remote style’ roadbook events we aim to provide RallyMoto members with a way to hone their skills and become fluent at navigating, so when it comes to riding the bigger or more complicated events, it’s not such a shock to the system.


There will, of course, be prizes awarded to riders who score low penalty points based on how many waypoints are hit and missed along the way, as well as a special ‘Dust Devil’ prize for those who devour every route on offer!


Are you ready for the challenge?