RallyMoto members should be very concerned by the thought of RallyMoto mastermind Burt Hughes being locked down in his office for so long… rather than driving and riding all over the country recceing and running rallies, he’s been planning and scheming, exploring every dark corner of roadbooking, fine tuning the precision tracking system, and coming up with new ways to challenge (confuse) riders and keep them learning (getting lost)…

As we slowly begin to emerge out of the pandemic of the past year, get ready to jump straight back into another with a new tougher class of event kicking off the season and offering riders the perfect opportunity to awaken their brains and bodies from winter hibernation.  The ‘Pandemic Rally’ will be the first RallyMoto event in the ‘Adventure Rally Extreme’ class, and will encompass some of the most difficult sections of navigation on a new format of Roadbook, never before released on our members.  

As a natural continuation of the debut ‘Rally in a Box’ ‘Icebreaker Challenge’, the Pandemic Rally Roadbook and GPS Tracker will also be posted to you, rather than it being held as an organised event.

So what’s it all about?  Here’s a brief overview on some key aspects of the Pandemic Rally…


With the unique and ever improving RallyMoto tracking system we are now able to implement some of the most advanced aspects of rally events such as average speed tests for special stages and penalties for over speeding.  This invokes another dimension of concentration to your riding as points will be incurred each time a speed limit is broken, even during average speed zones… 


Put your navigation skills to the real test with some next level roadbooks like you’ve never seen before (unless of course you’ve experienced proper desert racing!).  Expect sections of much tougher navigation, where riders will be directed with CAPs only (no tulips).  Unlike being in the desert however, you can have the confidence to get yourself lost.  Our trackers have the ability to locate riders realtime to within 1 meter of their position, so not only can we keep an eye on your location, but we can also scrutinise every minor navigational error made… all for your ongoing improvement!


And it wouldn’t be real rally conditions without some physical challenges as well.  Whilst keeping it big bike friendly, this event will also test your riding ability with more focus on off road routes and some sections with tougher terrain.  Given the time of year this may be unavoidable anyway.  The length of the entire route will be around 160kms and with the added challenges involved, this should provide the average rider with ample ride time to reawaken the riding muscles, never taking for granted the mental fatigue involved in constant monitoring of roadbook, ICO, CAPs, speed,  terrain etc.  

Further details will be coming very soon, but if you’d like to be one of the first people to get a taste for things to come in the future of RallyMoto events, then be sure to sign up as a member so you can receive early notifications.  

We’re stepping things up at our end, we just hope you’re ready for us 😉