Tour of Portugal: Transport

Transporting your bike and equipment:

Transport of your bike, kit bag and 1 x spares boxes to and from the start of the rally in Portugal and the return leg.

Please note: your kit/spares/tools – allowance to be transported for you should be contained in one 64litre storage box (Really Useful boxes available from E-bay or Staples)  – this is THE box:
Please name your boxes at each end and kit bag’s and spare wheels/tyres.

NB: Wheels must have wheel spaces secured in place and clearly named. Rear sprockets must have protection attached.

Tyres/Mousses if you are bringing your own, mousses MUST be inside the tyres, and clearly marked.

One kit bag – is one kit bag……. not several, all kit must be contained in your one bag.

Bike batteries must be disconnected and if key operated, the keys need to be left with the bike.

Please bring some packing and two straps per bike.

We will need please a copy of your registration document and a letter of permission for us to transport the bike.

Please email these copies prior to the bike being delivered –
Motorcycle transport provided by Desert Rose Racing and third party contractors.