Roadbook Training

Learn the basics and quickly move on to competition roadbook

For 2018 we are running some in depth training for roadbook navigation – these will be 100% classroom based and will take you from the basics, such as:-

  • Roadbook anatomy
  • How to read tulip diagrams
  • The equipment needed to get going
  • Loading the roadbook
  • Reading the roadbook
  • Commonly used symbols
  • What happens if you get lost

Through to more advanced techniques such as:-

  • Marking up the roadbook
  • How to gain a competitive advantage
  • What is CAP?
  • Speed Zones – how they work
  • What you need when out on the course
  • What happens at a roadbook event / competition

Get started with roadbook navigation and rallying

These classroom training sessions are the day before a RallyMoto Caper event. We will be using and marking up a roadbook for the caper as well as live examples from previous events to get a thorough understanding of the roadbook.

You will have a priority booking for the Caper and the chance to put your training to the test straight away.

Where will it be held?
All training will be done in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

What dates:
Saturday 27th January 2018
Saturday 24th February 2018

What will it cost?
The training will begin at 10am and finish at 4pm. Coffee and Tea will be provided along with a buffet lunch.
Cost for the day is £70.00 to full members and £80.00 to non-members.

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