Not even one month since its launch and the Ice Breaker Challenge is certainly living up to its name, but already many riders are checking off routes despite the conditions.

It’s been cold alright!  Appartently we’ve just experienced the coldest night in the UK since 2019, with a “cold plunge of Arctic air” causing widespread frost and icy cold conditions.  Since the Ice Breaker Challenge opened on January 1st, it hasn’t been too welcoming out there.  However, the crisp, clear cold days do lend themselves to some stunning vistas, which many riders have been capturing along the way.

The first riders were out on course on Jan 2nd, and it’s been a steady stream of riders on course every weekend since then.


  • Total routes ridden : 38

  • Most popular routes: Peaks with 18 rides Essex with 10 Rides

  • Only 1 Rider has completed 3 so far.

Pics:  Tim Redman

Pics:  Peter Collins

“Had a great day out on the Salisbury route today, only got stuck in one rut. Plenty of actual Ice Breaking done, very satisfying and strangely enjoyable.

Looking forward to the next one.”

– Dave thorpe

Second attempt at the Peaks IceBreaker Roadbook Challenge was a success!

Previous attempted was thwarted by mechanical issues.

Good route, nice n steady, nothing technical and some lovely scenery on the route too.

Off-road was on some well known routes so it was fun!

Thanks to @rallymotouk and the team.

Gary @findingmyway

The C2C2C

“C2C2C was an amazing experience, routes were really scenic and the offroad trails were long and winding leading me to hidden gem spots in the countryside. Looking forward to try out future routes!”

– Jacob Nurse

Pics:  Jacob Nurse + Phil Orr

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