THE WALES 500: A fantastic two day navigational adventure for

THE WALES 500: A fantastic two day navigational adventure for "Big Bikes"

THE WALES 500 – A fantastic two day navigational adventure for “Big Bikes”

Date: 26th – 27th May 2018
Start venue: Three Counties Show Ground, Malvern
Price: £140 ( or £155 with ACU Day Licence)

ACU Permit: ACU52027

Supported by: AdventureSpec, Desert Rose Adventure Academy,  NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd, Three Counties Show Ground, Natural Resource Wales.


Entries to the Wales 500 are now closed

Wales 500 and RallyMoto Challenge
Wales 500 and RallyMoto Challenge

The Wales 500 will be a road and light off road 500km challenge for adventure riders and bikes over 150kg. The course will be a long distance course with riders having to navigate accurately to check points and secret checks on a 500km (300 mile) route over two days taking in back roads and easy tracks. The simplified roadbook, set up in miles, will be easy to navigate with a bikes standard trip.

The course will be per-ridden on a Triumph Explorer 1200 on road tyres and a BMW GS800 on dual sport tyres, this will ensure any tracks or off road trails will be very manageable for “Big Bikes”.


Some answers to frequently asked questions – here

RallyMoto will provide a roadbook holder and the simplified roadbook for the event for the roadbook class. The competitor will have to provide a .gpx compatible GPS for the GPS class.

This event can be a Solo or a Team event, with three riders per team, the results will be determined by the most accurate navigation and score from a skills section.

The winner of the solo class will win the “NGK Spark Plugs UK Trophy” – the rider winning this will have navigated the most accurate route on the roadbook with the least penalty points overall. There will be no timed stages. The event will be run over a varied terrain of roads, back roads and hard packed tracks, suitable for dual sport tyres, with competitors having to navigate their way through the day using check points.

This is the ideal way to get into adventure roadbook navigation and we run RallyMoto Roadbook Capers as a small club event about once a month all over the UK so you can practice before trying a longer course.

1. Under 800cc Roadbook
2. Over 800cc Roadbook
3.Under 800cc GPS
4. Over 800cc GPS
5. GP450 Challenge Roadbook
6. GP450 Challenge GPS

The winner will be the rider to most accurately navigate the course and match the mileage. A skills section will bring the team result into play.

The event will form part of the RallyMoto Challenge which will be run over two or three UK based events. The Team with the best score over the multiple events in the roadbook class will be the RallyMoto Challenge Champions. This new type of event has seen RallyMoto being able to use land and tracks that were previously off limits – so this is looking very positive for 2018.

We already have a great start venue and a route sorted, so we will keep you posted. The Wales 500 will be at the end of May 2018.

There will be camping available at the start venue for a true adventure type event with showers and facilities. The entry fee will also cover an evening meal at the venue on the Saturday evening.

We are limited to 50 Teams or 150 riders in total so enter the Wales 500 now and reserve your place now.


Terms and conditions

Easy going trails - it's all about the navigation and having fun.
Easy going trails – it’s all about the navigation and having fun.
Great scenery to ride through
Great scenery to ride through
Views and vistas gallore
Views and vistas gallore
Ride solo or together as a team
Ride solo or together as a team

Entry List for Wales 500

Bold = Payment received (Last updated 18.4.2018)

We have set up an online payment page at

Entry List 14th May 2018


    First Name:Last Name:Bike MakeBike Model:Class Entered:Team Entry
    DavidSmallwoodCCMCCM 450 AdventureGP450 Challenge GPSyes
    PaulChamberlainCCMGP450GP450 Challenge GPSno
    ianphillipsccmgp450GP450 Challenge Roadbookyes
    AndrewOuelletteCCMGP450GP450 Challenge Roadbookno
    IanShersbyCCMGP450GP450 Challenge Roadbookno
    RichardRowleyCCMgp450GP450 Challenge Roadbookyes
    AlexGoldenCCMGP450GP450 Challenge Roadbookyes
    DAVIDHOLMESCCMGP450GP450 Challenge Roadbookyes
    JulienMilesHondaCRF1000L Africa TwinOver 800 GPSno
    PatrickNeaveHusqvarna701 EnduroOver 800 GPSyes
    andyaspell-clarktriumphstreet scramblerOver 800 GPSyes
    IanGriffithsBMWR1200GS AdventureOver 800 GPSyes
    JeremyEllisBMWR1200 GSAOver 800 GPSno
    ChristopherDownesDucatiMultistrada EnduroOver 800 GPSno
    TerryGreenBMWr1200gsaOver 800 GPSyes
    MichaelAdairKTM1190 AdventureOver 800 GPSno
    GeorgeDenmanHondaAfrica twinOver 800 GPSno
    JamesDawsonKTM1190 adventure ROver 800 GPSno
    NickHoareBMWS1000XROver 800 GPSyes
    GrahamPrykeBMWR1200GSOver 800 GPSno
    MatthewGoochKTM990 AdventureOver 800 GPSno
    RobertMcleanBMWR1200GSAOver 800 GPSyes
    IainMartinBMWR1200 GS adventureOver 800 GPSno
    AndyEsmondBMWR1200GS AdventureOver 800 GPSyes
    DavidRibbinsTriumphExplorerOver 800 GPSno
    RobJohnsonKTM1290 Super Adv ROver 800 GPSno
    SteveBicknellBMWR1200GS Adventure LCOver 800 GPSyes
    JulianRylanceKtm1090rOver 800 GPSno
    KarlKatavichHondaAfrica TwinOver 800 GPSno
    AndrewGallieBMWR1200GS AdventureOver 800 GPSyes
    GrahamKeatingBMWr1200gsOver 800 GPSyes
    AndrewBattersbyKTM1190 AdventureOver 800 GPSyes
    MattMacelroyhondaafrica twinOver 800 GPSyes
    peterreynoldsbmw1200GSAOver 800 GPSyes
    DavidWilliamsonBMWR1200 GSAOver 800 GPSno
    NoelRobertsonBMWR1200GSAOver 800 GPSyes
    JosephParsonsHondaAfrica TwinOver 800 GPSyes
    SeanMcCabeHondaAfrica twinOver 800 GPSyes
    cameronthompsonBMWGSA 1200Over 800 GPSyes
    JamesPyleBMWGS1200 AdventureOver 800 GPSyes
    MarkRileyKTM1290 Super Adventure TOver 800 GPSyes
    RossMaxwell-HeronKTM1290 Super Adventure SOver 800 GPSyes
    DarrenParsonsHindaAfrica TwinOver 800 GPSno
    AlanCornishHondaCRF1000lOver 800 GPSno
    DeanKentBMWGS 800Over 800 GPSno
    NickJamesTriumphTiger 800 XCOver 800 GPSno
    DarrenDuesburyKTM950 SE RallyeeOver 800cc Roadbookno
    RichardBurkardBMWF800GSOver 800cc Roadbookyes
    DavidTurnerBMWR1200 GSAOver 800cc Roadbookno
    StephenHaworthBMWGSA1200Over 800cc Roadbookno
    BobSpratleyBMW1200GSOver 800cc Roadbookno
    RobMcIntoshBmwGs1200Over 800cc Roadbookno
    GrahamWelchktm1190Over 800cc Roadbookno
    ThomasPrendergastKTM990 AdventureOver 800cc Roadbookno
    DEREKARNOLDKTM950 ADVOver 800cc Roadbookno
    JasonFungeBmw1200 GSAOver 800cc Roadbookno
    MichaelHeritageBMWGSAOver 800cc Roadbookno
    BrianTierneyBMWGS 1200 ADVOver 800cc Roadbookyes
    PeterWilsonKTM990 AdventureOver 800cc Roadbookno
    ClydeLaneKtmAdventure 1090rOver 800cc Roadbookyes
    johnlockektm950 adventureOver 800cc Roadbookno
    ThomasBroughHondaAfrica twinOver 800cc Roadbookyes
    GarethThurgoodsuzukigs1200Over 800cc Roadbookno
    RichardWhiteBMWR100gsOver 800cc Roadbookyes
    LloydCarringtonBMWGS AdventureOver 800cc Roadbookno
    PeterWrightKTM990 rOver 800cc Roadbookno
    RichardGriffinKTM950 AdventureOver 800cc Roadbookno
    LucaAvalleKTM990Over 800cc Roadbookno
    JohnCarey JnrKTM1090 Adventure ROver 800cc Roadbookno
    AngusChisholmBMWR1200 GS AdventureOver 800cc Roadbookno
    DavidSpickernellBMWGS AdvOver 800cc Roadbookyes
    TahirShafiqKtm690 enduro rUnder 800cc GPSno
    AlexHallamYamahaSuper Tenere 750Under 800cc GPSyes
    KitPerryhondatransalp 600Under 800cc GPSyes
    AlexanderAldenBMWF650GSUnder 800cc GPSno
    StephenMaloneHusqvarna701Under 800cc GPSno
    terryclarryhondacb500xUnder 800cc GPSno
    PaulSageKTM690 Enduro rUnder 800cc GPSno
    MarkWraithTriumphTiger 800XCUnder 800cc GPSyes
    ChristineWilsonBMWG650GSUnder 800cc GPSyes
    PaulineThorntonBMWFGS700Under 800cc GPSyes
    ErnieCooperKTM640Under 800cc GPSno
    JamesOsborneBMWG650GS SertaoUnder 800cc GPSyes
    ChrisWalkerKTM690 Adventure RUnder 800cc GPSno
    MicHolmesKtm690 enduroUnder 800cc GPSyes
    simonDobinsonKTM690 EnduroUnder 800cc GPSno
    stuartbowditchsuzukidr650Under 800cc GPSno
    CarolineVileBMWG650 XcountryUnder 800cc GPSyes
    PeterVileBMWG650 XcountryUnder 800cc GPSyes
    MichaelSmithKtm990smrUnder 800cc GPSno
    StuartMoodySuzukiDR 350Under 800cc GPSyes
    garybakerhondaxl600Under 800cc GPSyes
    AlexanderRollingsHondaDominator NX650Under 800cc GPSyes
    JasonWesselsHondaDominator 650Under 800cc GPSyes
    DavidDarbyBMWF800 GSUnder 800cc GPSno
    DavidWaringSWMSuperdual XUnder 800cc GPSno
    alexmartinKtm690Under 800cc GPSyes
    adammitchinsonHondaCB500XUnder 800cc GPSyes
    johnmitchinsonBMWG310GS AdventureUnder 800cc GPSno
    GordonHendersonBMW650 G XcountryUnder 800cc GPSyes
    StuartFieldenBMWG650 X CountryUnder 800cc GPSyes
    ReubenAlcockBMWR80G/SUnder 800cc GPSno
    ChrisEllisYamahaTT600reUnder 800cc GPSno
    AndrewEllisYamahaXt660z tenereUnder 800cc GPSyes
    SteveHagueHusqvarna701 EnduroUnder 800cc GPSyes
    NickNethercotHondaTransalp 700Under 800cc GPSno
    MarkBargerySWMRS650RUnder 800cc GPSno
    DarrenRogersonHusqvarna701EUnder 800cc GPSno
    DavidCraneTriumphTigerUnder 800cc Roadbookyes
    GregWoodBMWF800GSUnder 800cc Roadbookyes
    JOHNGRAHAMHUSQVARNA701 ENDUROUnder 800cc Roadbookyes
    AndrewBaylissYamahaXT660z TenereUnder 800cc Roadbookyes
    DavidSibertTriumphExplorerUnder 800cc Roadbookno
    AlanPorteHondaTransalpUnder 800cc Roadbookno
    NickWhiteHondaDominatorUnder 800cc Roadbookno
    KEITHJARVISHONDAXRV750Under 800cc Roadbookno
    MartinAshbyKTM640Under 800cc Roadbookno
    PeterEckersallKTM690 Enduro RUnder 800cc Roadbookyes
    simonpadleyBMWG 650 XcountryUnder 800cc Roadbookno
    RichardSweetTriumphTiger 800XCUnder 800cc Roadbookno
    SimonMcNamaraBMWF650GSUnder 800cc Roadbookno
    JamesSmithKtm690Under 800cc Roadbookno
    JonathanCarrHondaXRV 750 Africa TwinUnder 800cc Roadbookno
    DarcyOGaraTriumphTiger 800Under 800cc Roadbookno
    PaulGarnerTriumphTiger 800xcUnder 800cc Roadbookno
    GuyBroughHonda slr 650Slr 650Under 800cc Roadbookno